Running Analysis

Who is a Running Analysis For?

Running analysis is appropriate for runners of all levels of ability. The goal of running analysis is to reduce risk of injury and improve running efficiency. However, if you are currently having significant pain when running or have sustained a serious injury, physiotherapy assessment and treatment may be preferable until pain is better under control. 

What does a Running Analysis include?

The running analysis includes:

  • A brief history of your running habits and relevant medical history

  • Functional movement assessment to determine what underlying deficits in strength and/or mobility may be contributing to any abnormalities in your running form.

  • Video analysis to classify runner’s gait and allow for corrective cueing

  • Corrective exercises prescribed based on functional movement assessment + video analysis 

How will it help with my running?

Corrective exercises based on findings in both the functional movement assessment and video running analysis will be prescribed for you following the session. If applicable, cueing may be given during your run to improve any abnormalities in your running gait. Depending on our findings, it may be suggested you attend a follow up appointment to continue and progress with your treatment.

How long does it take?

The entire initial appointment will take up to an hour (£75). Expect to run for around 10-15 minutes. 

What should I wear?

Wear minimal and tighter fitting clothing as this will allow for a more accurate movement assessment. If you are comfortable performing the assessment in a sports bra or shirtless, this is recommended. At a minimum, knees and ankles should be visible.

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