Working together with our specialist physiotherapists, you´ll be able to find  the best approach to recovering and maintaining your health. Our treatment is based on individual programmes which are trained staff will help you to develop during an initial assessment. See our price list for treatment costs.



Whether it's rehabilitation following illness or an operation, or recovery from an accident.  We'll help you get back to your former self. Physiotherapy is available at all of our practice locations.



Deep Tissue Massage can help with muscle tightness and tension and also help with your flexibility and injury prevention. Whilst Trigger Point Therapy can also work well with massage to release muscle tightness.



A course of acupuncture can be used to help reduce pain. Sterile needles are used along the meridians in the body to help relieve symptoms.


Myofascial Dry Cupping

Myofascial Dry Cupping can be used to help reduce pain, ease muscle tension, reduce swelling and remove stagnant blood from the area. Cups will be applied by suction using a hand held vacuum pump using a number of different techniques to help relieve symptoms.


Therapeutic Ultrasound can be used to help reduce inflammation, promote soft tissue healing and realign scar tissue/muscle fibres.  TENS can be used to help reduce pain and symptoms. Interferential can be used to help reduce pain and help muscle stimulation. Tecar therapy can be used to help reduce inflammation, promote the healing process, reduce pain and symptoms.


Injury Prevention

A range of exercises, exercise programmes and stretches can be specifically designed to help flexibility and strength to help reduce injury occuring during sport. 



Individual rehabilitation programmes can also be designed after surgery or injury to help regain full movment and strength.


Under 16s

We also provide a range of treatments for children aged 16 and below.  We have a number of clients that already take advantage of our child rates.


Joint Mobilisation

Manual therapy and Joint Mobilisations are used to adjust joints of the body that need realignment or that are stiff. Realignment can help with posture and body positioning to improve movement.


Mummy MOT

A Mummy MOT is a specialist postnatal examination for women following child birth. It will assess how your posture, pelvic floor muscles and stomach muscles are recovering after birth. And if they’re not, then we can provide you with exercises and treatment to help in your recovery and to return to exercise safely.

Pregnant belly

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is a relaxing treatment to assist with the common discomforts of pregnancy. It can also help alleviate stress, increase blood circulation and stabilise hormone levels.


Other Services

Some of the other services available at our practices:

  • Dry Needling

  • Myofascial Dry Cupping

  • Core Stability Training

  • Functional Rehabilitation Programmes

  • Gait Analysis

  • Muscle Imbalance Re-Training

  • Neural Mobilisation

  • Proprioception & Balance Re-Training

  • Soft Tissue Mobilisation & Stretching

  • Sports & Fitness Advice

  • Sports Massage & Deep Tissue Massage

  • Straping and Taping Clinic

  • Runners MOT