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What is Winback Tecartherapy?

Tecartherapy is a high-frequency, non-invasive energy which stimulates your body's natural cellular ability to repair itself. It reduces pain and inflammation, restores movement and increases blood flow.

How does it work?

The Winback contains a mobile electrode handled by the therapist, which treats the region affected by the pathology, and a fixed electrode that is in contact with the patients’ skin, serving as a conductor. Radiofrequency energy current between 300 KHz and 1000 KHz travels through the electrode for immediate tension release. The variation of frequencies and attachments allow the therapist to treat a range of disorders and their specific characteristics. The patient may feel a gentle, relaxing warmth produced by your own body, but there is no electrical sensation during treatment. It allows the treatment of different pathologies in acute or subacute phases, without producing inflammation due to an increase in tissue temperature.


What are the benefits?

1. Relieve pain

  • Inhibits the transmission of pain messages by saturating pain receptors. The result? An immediate & lasting pain relief enabling therapists to work more smoothly and efficiently.

2. Restore movement

  • Increases temperature helping to release muscle tension and improve blood flow to make movement easier.

3. Boost metabolism

  • Stimulates encourages intra and extracellular activity which accelerates the natural regeneration in the biological tissue

Who is Winback Tecartherapy appropriate for?

It targets all tissue types and a wide range of conditions. 9 out of 10 physio treatments can be performed using Winback therapy.

It helps to address a wide range of pathologies (from acute to chronic) and has been endorsed by experts in rehabilitation, sport, and women’s health.

It's also non-invasive & comfortable for the patient. The warm feeling and the immediate pain relief make the session pleasant for the patient. 

Examples of conditions that can be treated with Winback Tecar Therapy include: low back pain, neck pain, tennis elbow, arthritis, sciatica, musculoskeletal pain, endometriosis, and circulatory issues.


What can you expect during a physiotherapy session using Winback Tecartherapy? 

The patient may be lying, seated or standing depending on the body part being treated. The therapist will put a passive type electrode in contact with the patient's body. Then, the therapist will work with a second electrode on the area to treat. The time of treatment depends on the pathology to be treated. It is also possible for the patient to perform exercises for the duration of the Tecar therapy. The patient will feel a warm sensation in the area to treat and an immediate pain reduction.

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