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My Sports Massage Experience

We asked one of our patients to give us their experience of a Sports Massage appointment so that others could learn what to expect...

"As someone who’s no stranger to sore muscles and the occasional sports-related injury, the idea of a sports massage intrigued me. I had heard whispers of its magical healing powers and decided it was high time I experienced one for myself.

First and foremost, the sports massage/physiotherapy environment struck me as a blend of tranquillity and purpose. The therapist, took the time to discuss my medical history and any specific concerns I had. It was evident that this wasn't just a spa-like relaxation massage; it was a targeted approach to addressing specific issues. The therapists understanding of anatomy and biomechanics became apparent as they

meticulously worked through each muscle group. Her hands seemed to have an

innate knowledge of the body's intricacies, finding tension and trigger points with

precision. What impressed me most was her ability to tailor the massage to my needs,

focusing on areas that were not only tight but also linked to my professional activities.

Throughout the session, they seamlessly integrated various techniques, from deep

tissue work to myofascial release. It wasn't just about providing temporary relief; it

was about promoting long-term muscle health and function. They then offered a selection of exercises to compliment the work they had done on my body, which I really

appreciated and aligned the principles of sports massage and the goals of rehabilitation.

What stood out as a unique aspect of the experience was the open communication with the therapist. They encouraged me to share feedback and actively participated in a dialogue about the sensations I was experiencing. This collaborative approach fostered a sense of trust and made the session feel like a partnership in my journey towards optimal physical well-being.

As the session concluded, I felt a sense of balance and alignment that went beyond

the immediate post-massage relaxation. It was as if my muscles had been given a

roadmap to follow, guiding them towards improved function and resilience. I can now

understand the connection between therapeutic massage and physiotherapy

rehabilitation exercises. It's a dynamic duo that can work hand in hand to promote

recovery, prevent injuries, and enhance overall physical performance."

If you would like to give Sports Massage a go, you can book an appointment with us by calling us on 0117 329 2090 or book online via the links on our website.

November 2023

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